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Unlocking international staffing

Our focus is on breaking down barriers in American healthcare by offering top-tier staffing solutions. We connect you with skilled global nursing professionals to meet local needs. As your partner in international healthcare staffing, we bring world-class, healing hands to your doorstep.

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Overcoming barriers, delivering care

Our dedication lies in removing barriers, enabling American healthcare to access top-tier staffing services. We bridge the gap by connecting you with global nursing professionals, bringing their skills to address local needs.

Serving as your partner in international healthcare staff recruitment, we deliver healing hands from across the globe to your doorstep. We are proud to deliver international proficiency with a personalized touch, ensuring your healthcare personnel demands are met impeccably.

At Bluevida International, our vision is to inspire nurses worldwide to reach their utmost capabilities, ensuring they can contribute optimally to the American healthcare landscape. We achieve this by offering top-notch advisory services that demystify the maze of global credential verification and U.S. certification. We stand firm in our belief that knowledge, pioneering solutions, and bespoke approaches can revolutionize careers and lives. Thus, we pledge to extend these tools to nurses globally.

Central to our vision, we strive to narrow the distance between dreams and achievements for nurses eager to broaden their professional scope. We’re well-versed in the nuances of international migration protocols and the hurdles of worldwide administrative systems. Our ambition is to streamline these procedures, allowing nurses to concentrate on their core strength – delivering unparalleled patient care. At Bluevida International, we’re driven by the desire to turn global career aspirations into tangible realities for nursing experts everywhere.

Choosing to partner with Bluevida International would mean the beginning of an exciting journey towards enhancing the quality of healthcare at your institution when you hire internationally trained registered nurses under our program. In the grand scheme of realizing your healthcare staffing needs and goals we serve as your ideal link, meticulously designing and building bridges to meet your expectations.Our global service offering does not end just there. We pride ourselves on a foundation of experience, honesty, transparency, and a stellar reputation. Our expertise has been sharpened by over twelve years of working in this field, a process we’ve learned to make more efficient and effective over time.

Our diverse pool of talented professionals will bring a wealth of experience and fresh perspectives to your institution. The nursing professionals we help come from a variety of countries and backgrounds, including Spain, the UK, Canada, Mexico, Latin American countries and Asian countries, further enriching the diversity and quality of our candidate pool. At Bluevida International, we understand and adapt to changes that fall out of our control, such as law revisions or unexpected contingencies that might arise with the immigration system.We firmly believe that a quick understanding is key to quick solving actions and that is why we always strive to be on top of the most updated official information.

With our more than 12 years of experience helping nurses worldwide to immigrate to the United States, we have developed a system that holds the most relevant and up to date data related to official government institutions from many different countries.This includes professional regulatory entities as well as public and private schools, colleges and universities with nursing programs, among others.

This system allows us to expedite the process as much as possible so that, under our program, healthcare professionals can navigate the different necessary steps in the quickest available way.

Bluevida is a unique ally where not only is there state-of-the-art technology that helps improve the process for healthcare professionals, but also presents them to you as their prospective employer with all the key elements that go into making the experience a success story for everyone involved.