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Are you a nurse in your country and would you like to work as a registered professional nurse in one of the 50 U.S. states?

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Making the choice to step forward might mean the beginning of your dream journey and it will certainly be the first step towards an exciting new life full of great opportunities. Ready for a comprehensive life transformation? We’re here to facilitate that. Enhancing your professional growth, personal development and family life is part of the deal when you transition to practicing nursing in the United States.

In the grand scheme of realizing your aspirations, we serve as your ideal link, meticulously designing and building bridges to your dreams.

Our unique global service offering is not just about helping the population we serve. We pride ourselves on a foundation of experience, honesty, transparency, and a stellar reputation. Our expertise has been sharpened by over ten years of validating nursing credentials, a process we’ve learned to make more efficient and effective over time.

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With our more than 12 years of experience helping nurses worldwide to immigrate to the United States, we have developed a system that holds the most relevant and up to date data related to official government institutions from many different countries as well as public and private schools, colleges and universities with nursing programs, documentation management and much more, allowing us to expedite the process as much as possible so that you can become an American RN.

A unique place where not only is there high end technology that helps to improve the process, but that also brings together you as a nursing professional with all the key elements involved in making your experience a success story Some of those key elements will be your assigned expert consultant and a wide and ample variety of job opportunities available from our extensive network of employer partners.

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Do you want the best for your family?

We also have families, and we know how important it is in your life. Do you know that thanks to nursing the whole family could obtain permanent residency in the US?

Ask our specialized consultants for details about this process, and learn how the whole family could benefit from it.

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